Wholesale Cultivation Supplies: Grow Kits & Essentials for Cannabis and Mushrooms

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Step up your game with wholesale Cultivation Supplies, the go-to category for smoke shops, dispensaries, and C-stores seeking top-notch growing essentials. From A Pot For Pot and MushVroom complete grow kits to an array of cultivation tools, this collection offers everything retailers need to cater to customers’ home-growing desires.

A Pot For Pot cannabis grow kits make the process simple and enjoyable. Alongside these comprehensive kits, find rehydration stones, soils, and humidity control packs to ensure optimal growing conditions for budding cannabis enthusiasts.

MushVroom’s mushroom grow kits make home mycology a breeze. Complement these all-inclusive kits with essential cultivation supplies like hygrometers, premium substrate bags, and drying racks to guarantee a fruitful harvest.

Don’t forget the finishing touches, such as aprons to keep home cultivators clean and organized. With Haze’s curated collection of wholesale Cultivation Supplies, retailers can easily provide their customers with everything necessary for thriving cannabis and mushroom gardens.

*Don’t forget to check out our Storage Solutions including smell proof, durable, locking hard cases, rolling transport cases, and large sizes and shapes of duffel bags and more here