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Discover a world of premium ashtrays designed to elevate any Smoke Shop, Dispensary, or C-Store’s aesthetic. This category showcases an impressive selection of functional and stunning ashtrays, perfect for sophisticated styles and statement pieces.

From top brands in the cannabis, vape, and hemp industries, these ashtrays beautifully complement matching bongs, dab rigs, and pipes. Made with sustainable quality glass & crystal, all of our premium ashtrays are free of harmful chemicals, paints, and plastics.

Stay ahead of the competition by offering exceptional ashtrays that resonate with both style-conscious and practical consumers. These wholesale products not only look great but also provide the functionality needed in any smoking environment.

From minimalist designs to bold, eye-catching statement pieces, these ashtrays are the perfect addition to any modern smoking setup. Capitalize on popular trends by featuring the most sought-after products in your inventory.

Expand your wholesale offerings and become the go-to destination for Smoke Shops, Dispensaries, and C-Stores looking to enhance their product lineup.