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Height: 9.5 inch

Weight: 1.4 pound

Thickness: 5 millimeter

Color: Clear

Logo Color: Frosted

Used with: Concentrate & Flower

Material: 100% High grade borosilicate glass

The “Revolt” concentrate rig produces clean yet very powerful hits.  The percolator diffuses vapor through water of which results in a cooler, more purified inhale. The calculated angles produce a smooth yet powerful intake with each hit. These rigs are paired with bangers made from heat tolerant quartz. The selection allows you to smoke your concentrate and/or flower with one simple purchase.
RIG Concentrate Rigs, a step to purification and only exceeding expectation.

Included in package:

9.5” “Revolt” Concentrate Rig x 1

RIG 90° Quartz banger x1

Vendor Information

Vendor: Rebel Initiate Glassworks