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Shrüm™ – All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bags

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Shrüm Wholesale – The All-In-One Mushroom Grow Kit.

Elevate your home mushroom cultivation with Shrüm All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bags!

Protect your mushrooms against bacteria and mold, with new unique filter strip technology to provide better airflow, letting your mushrooms breathe. 

Experience effortless growth, advanced contamination protection, and a fun, educational journey for the whole family.

Effortless Mushroom Cultivation

Shrüm All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bags provide a hassle-free solution for cultivating a variety of delicious mushrooms right in the comfort of your home.

With innovative filter strip technology that ensures optimal airflow, these bags create the perfect environment for your mushrooms to thrive without any need for tubes, tents, or prior experience.

Advanced Protection Against Contaminants

Shrüm grow bags are specially designed to be a fortress against bacteria and mold.

The superior materials used in their construction help maintain a clean and healthy environment, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring a successful mushroom harvest.

A Fun and Educational Experience

Not only do Shrüm All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bags offer an efficient way to grow mushrooms, but they also provide an enjoyable and educational experience for the whole family.

Learn about the fascinating world of fungi, witness the entire growth process, and enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting your very own, home-grown mushrooms.

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