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Smoke Trap Wholesale – Built with a durable design making it long lasting, Smoke Trap + lets you smoke when & where you want.

Experience the Smoke Trap +, designed for frequent smokers seeking a long-lasting filter with easy airflow.

Enjoy 500+ puffs per cartridge and an eco-friendly, odorless smoking experience.

Breathe Easy with Smoke Trap Extended Filter Life

Discover the Smoke Trap Wholesale, your ultimate solution for longer-lasting filters that won’t clog up after just a week of use.

Exhale your smoke into the filter and experience clean, odorless air on the other side.

Designed for frequent smokers, Smoke Trap + ensures you can enjoy your smoking experience without bothering neighbors, friends, or family with unwanted smoke and smells.

Exceptional 4-Stage Filtration for Optimal Performance

The Smoke Trap + features a powerful 4-stage HEPA and activated coconut carbon filter to effectively eliminate smoke and odors.

With a heavy-duty design for maximum airflow and a hydrophobic mouthpiece screen to keep the filter dry and clean, you’ll experience an extended filter life like never before.

The comfortable rubber mouthpiece creates a tight seal, ensuring the best possible filtration for your smoking sessions.

Environmentally Friendly and Easy to Maintain

Designed with sustainability in mind, the Smoke Trap + offers easy-to-replace filter cartridges and 100% recyclable filters.

Keep your smoke filter in optimal condition with the included pro tip: simply clean the hydrophobic screen when dirty or wet, pat dry, and place back inside the mouthpiece.

Enjoy a long-lasting filter with over 500 puffs per cartridge, keeping both you and the environment happy.

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