Wholesale Convenience Store Products: Must-Have Items for C-Stores & Retailers

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Step into the diverse world of Haze’s wholesale convenience store products, a one-stop-shop for retailers looking to stock up on must-have Cannabis & Alternatives products.

Our carefully curated Wholesale Convenience Store Collection features only the best portable & convenience alternative products for C-store retailers. Our high ROI products range from Functional Beverages & Health Supplements to Disposable Vape Pens & on the go Smoking Accessories. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to offer customers a wide selection of favorites at unbeatable prices and speedy shipping.

All of our Minor Cannabinoid products are Farm Bill compliant & Our Mushroom Spores & Grow Bags are legal in all states except Georgia, California & Idaho*

Due to the explosion in demand for minor cannabinoid products containing HHC and Delta-8, our premium brands have become instant best-sellers in illegal cannabis markets – making them a top choice for convenience store owners.

Of course Cannabis Alternatives like CBD vapes and edibles are also on the menu, perfect for customers seeking relaxation and wellness benefits. Keep them coming back for more with our exotic disposable minor cannabinoid vape pens containing hemp-derived HHC, Delta-8, THC-V and more in award winning strains.

By staying ahead of the curve, Haze is always repping new and exciting products for you to WOW customers with like ‘MangoCaps’ Endocannabinoid Boosting Tolerance Reset Capsules, and fast acting sublingual HHC & D-8 oral strips from Craic Strips.

What are we most excited to FINALLY be able to offer to the US Convenience Store Market is ‘DanceSafe’ Brand Fentanyl Testing Strips! Your community will deeply appreciate you for carrying the product most effective at promoting safety and awareness during the Fentanyl Crisis. For under a dollar per strip, you can immediately reduce overdoses and deaths in your community. A true gift to your customers and their loved ones.

Haze also offers the best in Nicotine Vapes & Alternatives like ‘TAAT’ CBD Hemp Cigarettes for customers searching for a tobacco-free alternative. Also meeting our high standards are SWFT Mod Nicotine Vapes for those who require a variety of premium flavors, quality manufactured, rechargeable vaping devices.

Health Supplements round out the category, providing convenience store customers with an array of wellness options to choose from. We have gummies, powders, resins,  sublingual strips & tinctures powered by superfoods, botanicals, and functional mushrooms.