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The Ajna Light is endogenous DMT technology, in which the entoptic spirals, mesh, and web structures, and eidetic vision seen during the death process are experienced. The beneficial effects include pineal activation and lucid dreaming, visionary journeys, spiritual exploration and deep transformational change!

Developed by a brilliant man, who after 23 years in Silicon Valley became a Monk and created this in 2014 to help people explore their intimate connection with the wisdom of the universe, bridging them to the root of their being.

How it works: The lights flicker at specific frequencies to entrain the user’s brainwaves into a range of trance states with assistance from sound and proprietary metaphysical engineering. The Ajna Light 3 Lamp uses five pulsed 10w high-powered LEDs, in a gold capstone Tesla Plate field, to induce the same brainwave states seen in advanced meditation practitioners.

  • Variety of settings for unique individual programming depending on goals or ailments.
  • Highly unique system.
  • Transmits the brain into the highest frequencies of meditation effortlessly
  • The Ajna Light generates its own WiFi hot spot and operates using any mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • Great for public use at events & convention booths, small gatherings, in-office or mobile sessions

Experience: Users report significant spiritual & visual experiences, improved mental well-being, performance & overall health. Profound feelings of joy, connection, peace, and bliss are common experiences, though every session is unique and works individually with each person. Most notably, these types of regulatory systems help those who have not achieved their wellness goals with medication or conventional therapies alone.

Functionality: Programmable with over 100 functions to open the gates of self exploration and development in areas such as creativity, concentration, improved memory, less anxiety, clear focus and inner peace.

Clinical studies by the creator have also shown that the Ajna Light has had positive effects on Alzheimer, Dementia and Cancer patients (researchgate.net)

For the professional therapist, the Ajna Light pays for itself in about 100 hours of client use when sessions are charged at US $1 per minute

Who would be a good fit for providing this therapy? 

Ajna Light is intended for Professional Therapists & Holistic Healing Providers and can be used in a variety of settings

Training & Certification: Sold separately ; Cost: $1111

Ajna Light In-Person Training at The Liiighthouse on Balboa Island (Newport Beach, CA)


Warrantee: 1 year warranty, returns are subject to 44% restock service fee. If any component fails during this time, please send an email to brenna@hazebrands.com explaining the problem. You will need to pay for postage to Thailand, but repair and return postage will be fully covered by the warrantee.

For more information & educational links, please Email brenna@hazebrands.com




The Ajna Light is a breakthrough brainwave entrainment device that helps novice and experienced meditators alike explore enhanced states of consciousness and deeply relaxing meditative states without years of training.

The Ajna Light will take the user on a shamanic trance journey to connect to the root of their being, stimulating the pineal gland to open up psychic vision in a harmonious natural and powerful way, in balance with their own physiology.

The Ajna Light system uses LED lights, which flicker at specific frequencies to entrain the user’s brainwaves into a range of trance states. These trance states range from a light relaxing state to the deepest of meditative states. In the trance state, our mental defenses are lowered, and we are open to a greater awareness than our typical controlling egoic mind patterns.

Each of the four brainwave patterns Alpha (alert), Beta (relaxed), Delta (meditative) and Theta (sleep) are stimulated by specific flicker frequencies of high powered LED’s in a gold capstone Tesla Plate field.

These deep meditative states also activate the pineal gland, located in the center of the brain.  The user can gain great spiritual insights during this activation process. The advantage of using the Ajna Light is that it does not change the brain chemistry, and therefore the effect stops as soon as the lights stop.

Suspend External Awareness | Activate Parasympathetic Nervous System 
Reduce Stress & Anxiety | Relieve Pain & Inflammation | Enhance Creativity & Intuition
Gain Insight & Clarity | Explore Visionary States | Increase Neuroplasticity … and more!



The user and light therapist will begin with some basic conversation to assist the light therapist in determining how the Ajna light can best serve the user. The user will work with the light therapist to select the proper light frequency, session length, and associated music.

The user will then lie down in a comfortable position with their face directly under the light. The light will be bright, but the user’s eyes will be closed.  A “kaleidoscope experience” will occur, with stunning visuals. The user can expect to relax into the floor and enjoy the ride.

If your eyes are sensitive to light, maybe because of excessive computer use, the light intensity can be placed on a low setting. A session can run anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.


Extensive testing shows that although each person’s reaction and subjective experience is different, the result is relaxing and centering. The user, when open and receptive, was able to go on a soul retrieval journey, and to connect with guides, elemental beings, and other consciousness outside their own waking mind-state. People with a stressed, busy mind find their body becomes very relaxed, even if their mind stays active during the session.  Studies have also shown that flickering light therapy relaxes the subtle nerves of the brain and activates serotonin and melatonin production.  This can be beneficial for those suffering from depression, PTSD and anxiety.


*If you or a family member have any history of epilepsy, or you suffer from recurrent/chronic migraine headaches or severe vertigo, do not use the Ajna Lamp without extensive consultation with your Ajna Light Therapist, & a personal support system/strategy being in place first.

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