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The Dabsponge will help you clean your banger more quickly & effectively.

Each Dabsponge is reusable and specially made to withstand high temperatures when wet!

50 Units Per Order.


What did we change?

1-The Glue:

We got rid of it. One of the main issues version 1 had was that the glue holding the sponges would come off due to the combination of the rubbing alcohol and heat. This is now replaced by a clip that holds the sponges securely in place in order to get the most out of each sponge.

2-One handle and replaceable heads:

This was probably one of the second most common requests we received. Now, to ensure that the head can withstand extreme temperatures,  each head is covered with medical-grade silicone. We also included an additional head in each box in case one of the heads is damaged. This way, the replacement can keep you cleaning!

-Replacement Heads and sponge options will be available.

 3-The Sponges:

Our new sponges are designed to have more surface area for better cleaning. They are heat resistant up to 392º-402º Fahrenheit [200º-220º C] when dry. Each Dabsponge box contains 5 sponges.

         -Replacement sponge options will be available.

Vendor Information

Vendor: Dab Sponge