PyraLight3 – Electromagnetic & Lightwave Entrainment Therapy

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The PyraLight was developed by a brilliant man who worked in Silicon Valley for 23 years before moving to Thailand and becoming a Monk in 2008. His goal is to promote holistic healing, well being & peace by using the fractal relationships in nature, light and sound applied to tone series to effectuate meaningful healing throughout the body and mind.

The PyraLight Pad superpulses six 850nm infrared LEDs as well as 5uT magnetic fields into the body, using three highly beneficial brainwave frequencies—40hz Gamma + 8hz Schumann + 2hz Delta.


Benefits of using PyraLight:

  • Relaxation, shifting from stress response to parasympathetic nervous system state
  • Improved Sleep experience
  • Improved neuroplasticity (with the Nasal IR cord and Glasses)
    • Neuroplasticity: Wiring & communication pathways in the brain. Improving your brain’s plasticity will sharpen your memory, concentration, and cognitive skills. Plus, it can help you address depression and anxiety. It may even promote healing in the case of adult brain trauma or injury.
  • Pain reduction
  • Increased healing capability
  • Improved resilience and better mood

How to use: You can place the pad wherever you like on your body, LEDs pointing into your body for sore areas or places where you feel pain, but do not stand, sit or lie on the pad, in order to protect the pad itself. Can be used at home, in the office or on the go.

Who would be a good fit for providing this therapy? 

PyraLight is intended for Professional Therapists & Holistic Healing Providers

Training & Certification: Sold separately ; Cost: $1000

PyraLight In-Person Training at The Liiighthouse on Balboa Island (Newport Beach, CA)

*Ask about discounts available for ordering training at time of placing order with Haze*

Add-Ons Available for Enhanced Experience: 

PyraEyes Mask & Nasal Laser (Included in the PyraLight Bundle)

Warrantee: 1 year warranty, returns are subject to 44% restock service fee. If any component fails during this time, please send an email to explaining the problem. You will need to pay for postage to Thailand, but repair and return postage will be fully covered by the warrantee.

Specs: PyraLight 3 Active Pad in silicone cover with three 1/4in output sockets and 12v power socket. Headphones & Eyewear sold separately.

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The Secret is in the Science

The secret to the Pyralight is in the delivery of the LED light & 5uT magnetic field frequency to ones body. The light balances our electromagnetic field, removing neurological and physical energetic blockages and revitalizing our mitochondrial energy source deep within each cell.

This is achieved by creating a healing ‘superpulsed’ magnetic field with the infra red light at Delta 2Hz, Schumann 8Hz, and Gamma 40Hz brainwave frequencies. The six 3W 850nm LEDs penetrate about 6cm into the body. (Similar to how a Light Sauna works in deep tissue).

However, the ‘superpulsing’ of light and magnetics make them ten times or more efficient for the body while keeping the infrared heat comfortable. These pulsed fields allow stressed areas of body to start to self heal.

One of the biggest issues our bodies face is decreased Stress & Immune response; it is caused by intense stressors (mental, emotional or physical) leading to the imbalance of inflammation and anti-inflammation. Chronic inflammation changes the size and shape of our cellular powerhouse, the mitochondria until they no longer produce energy but instead try to defend the cell, causing oxidative damage to cells and DNA. A domino effect of illnesses occur in the body and mind

 Cellular biology responds very well to low frequency pulses, as they allow the cell to quickly react to the stimulus and then relax, in a constant rhythm. This retrains the cell to work efficiently rather than perpetuating self harm, at the same time restructuring water deep within our cells throughout the body. On a microscopic biological level, we have essentially reprogrammed the cellular structure of water and communication pathways in the body.


Every person is different, and has different sensitivity and imbalances. The PyraLight pad acts to rebalance the body so it can heal naturally, when the user support this healing process with a healthy diet, sleep, and exercise. It is not a medical device, and does not treat symptoms directly.



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