Smoke Trap + | Single Replacement Filter Cartridge

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* Only Compatible With Smoke Trap +

The NEW replacement filters for the Smoke Trap + are built to last and have maximum air flow while exhaling.

This filter is by far the most effective and longest lasting personal air filter on the market.


Smoke Trap + | Single Replacement Filter Cartridge

Retail Case – 12 Units – $108.00 ($9.00/Unit) 

MSRP – $17.99


  • Eco Friendly Replacement Filter Cartridges. 100% Recyclable
  • Long Lasting 500+ Uses
  • Hydrophobic Screen: Blocks Moisture Build Up & Extends Filter Life
  • Get 3 Replacement Filter Cartridges For Extra Cost Savings
  • 4 Stage HEPA + Activated Coconut Carbon Filter To Eliminate Smoke & Smell
  • Built For Anyone Who Needs A Longer Lasting Personal Air Filter
  • Simply Twist Off The Mouthpiece of The Smoke Trap + & Replace The Filter Inside With A New Replacement Filter Cartridge

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Vendor: Smoke Trap