Trending Wholesale Products for Smoke Shops, Dispensaries & C-Stores"

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Distinguish your Smoke Shop, Dispensary, or C-Store with Haze’s collection of cutting-edge, trending wholesale products

Here you’ll find the latest and greatest trending wholesale products in cannabis, vape, hemp, and psychedelic goods. Our unique, high-demand items are perfect for smoke shops, dispensaries, and specialty retailers. Looking to make a splash with fresh, innovative offerings that fly off the shelves? Haze’s curated collection has done the research for you to save you time and elevate your inventory.

Outshine your competition with products that not only have a high ROI, but whose buzz drives traffic through the door. From cutting-edge vape devices to potent cannabis concentrates and groundbreaking hemp-based innovations, you’ll love carrying these great brands.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can stock your shelves with truly remarkable products customers will rave about! In this category, you’ll discover next-gen smoking accessories, top-notch CBD edibles, and hard-to-find psychedelic treasures.

As psychedelic mushroom spores, cultures, and grow bags only recently become legally available, they represent a truly exclusive and popular addition to your inventory. Seize this opportunity to stand out from the competition by providing these highly sought-after items to your customers. As one of the few retailers to stock these in-demand products, you’ll quickly become a go-to destination for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. 

As more people seek out unique and effective cannabis, vape, and hemp solutions, these items are poised to become best-sellers. Retailers who embrace these captivating products will see rapid sales and cement their reputation as industry trailblazers.