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DanceSafe’s Fentanyl Testing Strips reduce overdose deaths in your community the moment you start selling them. Not many other ways to save a life for $2 per strip

  • 10 tests per box, (MOQ=10 Boxes) $10 flat shipping

Critical to fighting the Opioid Epidemic, assuring any substance is FENTANYL FREE!

A New and Improved Fentanyl Test Strip!

No false positives; superior antibody specificity

*High Demand Product*

This product is sure to fly off the shelves, a true gift to your community.

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DanceSafe’s Wholesale Fentanyl testing strips utilize a superior antibody with higher specificity to fentanyl and its analogs.

This means that unlike the Rapid Response strips most of us have been using, our new strips do not produce false positives with methamphetamine, MDMA, cocaine, or methadone, when used according to the instructions.

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