Wholesale Dispensary Products: Vaporizers, Edibles & Cannabis Accessories

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Discover our collection of wholesale Dispensary Products, the ultimate wholesale destination for smoke shops, dispensaries, and C-stores looking to stock up on a wide array of high-quality, cutting edge products. From portable and desktop vaporizers to travel accessories, spores, grow kits and smoking essentials, this category has it all for cannabis enthusiasts.

Excite your customers with the finest in stylish cannabis consumption devices featuring an assortment of vaporizers for herb and concentrates. Premium glass bongs & Rigs elevate the smoking experience to new heights. Our impressive vaporizer kits cater to on-the-go lifestyles who require the latest tech for custom session settings.

Delight taste buds with delectable flavors and clean, powerful ingredients in our selection of functional mushroom edibles, functional beverages, and sublingual strips and tinctures. Keep shelves stocked with disposable HHC and Delta-8 vapes, ensuring a convenient option is always at hand.

In-demand Grow Kits empower customers to embark on their own cultivation journey, accompanied by an assortment of premium spores & cultures from reputable industry leaders! Stunningly creative and unique smoking accessories, as well as tried & true grinders, lighters, and rolling papers.

Lifestyle products like MangoCaps to reset Endocannabinoid tolerance, home goods, and Psychedelic art help round out the offering, ensuring every aspect of the cannabis experience is covered. No matter what your customers crave, Haze’s collection of wholesale Dispensary Products promises top quality selections to attract customers and exceed expectations!