Made of high-quality 4mm thick, borosilicate glass, this piece features an angled mouthpiece and a molded indent for an ergonomic grip that also tucks away the bowl and downstem. Bestseller from Session’s Surrealism Collection. Comes with Charcoal silicone accessories.

  • 3.3″ x 10”, 4mm thick glass
  • Signature curve in the glass is the perfect nest for a lighter while passing it along.
  • Bong, bowl, and downstem made from borosilicate glass.
  • Silicone footer indicates water line and protects your glass from damage.
  • 10 Colors, available separately, of Interchangeable silicone accessories to compliment your style.
  • Extra grommet and two downstems included for those inevitable accidents.


  • (2) Black tinted borosilicate in small and large for personal and party use
  • Mouth Cover & Cleaning Caps made of high grade silicone stoppers; can be attached to lanyard, keychain or necklace

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Blush, Celery, Charcoal, Horizon, Indigo, Moonlight, Paradise

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Vendor: Session