Apex Ancillary Iso Station Pro Bundle | Iso Station, Magnetic Toolstand, & 6pc Pro Toolset

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This is the addition to your station you didn’t know you needed!

  • Made of rubber polished wood, The Stand by Apex Ancillary organizes and displays every tool thanks to it’s magnetic surface. The magnetic hold also gives an easy release between uses with sturdy construction and functionality.
  • All you need is designed to be here. Swabs, tools, cleaning solution, dispenser. No longer need to go to different stations to get the best washing of your different tools. Apex Ancillary ISO Station combines all the benefits of an entire set in this modern compact appliance.
  • Innovative, thoughtful design
    • Stainless steel pump dispenser for your cleaning solutions. Our hermetic design ensures no waste and no evaporation of cleansers saving you money and time.
    • Apex Ancillary ISO Station has a bonus addition of a mini funnel for easy pouring of cleansing solution.
  • The Stand by Apex Ancillary is designed for the long run. Durable surface and a broad sturdy base for a secure and non-slip grip.
  • Versatile set of 6 lightweight Stainless steel tools – Heat resistant – Lightweight
    • For carving: The Shovel | Fan Favorite | Scimitar | The Oar
    • For grabbing: The Claw | The Grip

Vendor Information

Vendor: Apex Ancillary