Apex Ancilliary – Iso Station Starter Bundle | Iso Station & 6pc Pro Toolset

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All you need is designed to be here – Apex Ancillary ISO Station combines all the benefits of an entire ISO Holder & Cleaning station set in a modern compact appliance.

Apex Ancilliary ISO Holder & Cleaning Station, makes it easy to clean your quartz bowl after every dab. It holds cotton swabs and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol in a simple glass vessel, keeping your cleaning supplies at the ready for immediate use after dabbing.

No more running around to clean or search for different tools, destroying surfaces with residue, or unpleasant tasting dirty dabs

  • Swabs, tools, cleaning solution, dispenser, soaking station, pump cleanser bottles to conserve materials
  • Innovative, thoughtful design truly economizes the use of space
  • One closed bottom slot-sized holder that can also be used as an additional soaking station for your inserts, tools, and pearls.
  • Versatile set of lightweight Stainless steel tools – Heat resistant – Lightweight
  • 4 carving tools & 2 grabbing tools

Vendor Information

Vendor: Apex Ancillary