Boundless – CFX Vaporizer

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Digitally dial in temp settings on CFX’s OLED screen and see why this powerful 80W device is one of the fastest & most efficient portable devices in the industry!

Temperature Levels: 100°F–430°F (37.8°C–221.1°C)

Battery Capacity:(2) Internal 2500 mAh Battery

Sessions Per Charge:10-15 sessions

Chamber Material: Ceramic chamber

Heating System: Hybrid Conduction & Convection heating system, non combustable

Warranty:3-year manufacturer warranty


Convection heating allows the herb to be heated through hot air versus direct contact. This process creates a smooth and flavorful hit that isn’t always possible on conduction heating devices.

Convection allows for even heating with little to no combustion – heats in 20 seconds or less!

Vendor Information

Vendor: Boundless