Galaxy E-Nails – 25mm Quartz E-Banger Kit

Our newest product, the 25mm Quartz E-Banger Kit.  Our 25mm wrapped coil puts the heat where it’s needed Currently Available in 14mm Male and 14mm Female joints only.

*New Bangers will have Galaxy Enails logo on them, also, bangers will no longer have the post for the coil. They will now have our Silicone Banger Hangers included to hold coil in place.


  • Bangers will include 1 x Silicone Banger Hanger to hold coil in place.
  • Kit Contents, 25mm Banger, 25mm wrapped coil heater, XLR temperature controller, Power Cord, Dab Tool, Carb Cap.

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Female, Male



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Vendor: Galaxy E-Nails