Galaxy E-Nails – Odyssey E-Nail | Full Kit

The Galaxy-Enail Odyssey, the first Quartz Coated Ceramic Enail that started our journey.

Revamped, and continues to provide a great experience, Full of Flavor, and the ability to handle anything.

Great for low temp dabbing and providing the taste you’d expect.

Providing the heat retention of ceramics, while tasting and cleaning up like quartz.

This allows you to Experience everything the way Nature intended.

Each Kit Includes:

  • One Enail ( Color: Stainless Steel )
  • One Quartz Coated Ceramic Dish
  • One Ceramic Carb cap
  • One Titanium 6 in 1 Universal Adapter. ( see pic of 6 in 1 )
  • One Dab Tool
  • One XLR Temperature Controller with Power cord.
  • A Lifetime Warranty on Controller and limited 1 year Warranty / (1) heater placement against, or any manufacturer defects.

Vendor Information

Vendor: Galaxy E-Nails