Grow Accessories – Superb Soil

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Perfect for the 1st timer, or the experienced hydroponic grower who wants to learn growing cannabis in Superb Soil.


Grow Accessories – Superb Soil – a Pot for Pot’s soil recipe is 6x denser than your standard store-bought soil.

  • We mix over 26 natural soil amendments into our Grow Accessories – Superb Soil blend to ensure you cannabis plant grows with all the nutrients it needs to go from seed to harvest by just adding water. Our recipe stands on the shoulders of giants. We procure the finest natural ingredients to blend into our soil.


  • 0.7 Gallons is 2.5 L or 0.1 Cubic Feet per Bag.
  • 5 Gallon Bag is 19 L or 0.67 Cubic Feet per Bag.

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0.7 Gallons, 5 Gallons

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Vendor: a Pot for Pot

Company: A Pot for Pot