Hitoki – The Trident | Laser Beam Flower Vaporizer

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  • Compatible with Flower & Concentrate
  • 3 Power levels indicated by color
  • Integrated Water Filter
  • Mesmerizing laser light ignition produces the cleanest experience available
  • over 280 ignitions on a single charge using USB-C fast charge

Just Load it, Lock it, and Light It!


Experience the Future of Vaping with ‘The Trident’ Laser Beam Flower Vaporizer

Hitoki’s ‘The Trident’, a state-of-the-art Laser Beam Flower Vaporizer, paves the way for a revolutionary smoking experience. Engineered with an aircraft-grade aluminum exterior and a removable ceramic loading chamber, ‘The Trident’ stands out in its category.

Superior Build and Design

The premium build includes an aircraft-grade aluminum exterior and a removable ceramic loading chamber, setting new standards for durability and ease-of-use.

Unmatched Smoking Experience

‘The Trident’ offers a clean, intensely flavorful smoking experience. The integrated water filter enhances the smoothness of your draws, while the handy carb button ensures complete control over your sessions.

Convenience Meets Performance

With 280+ uses per charge, an LED power level indicator, and fast-charging USB-C, ‘The Trident’ combines convenience with high performance.

Pure Light Energy Technology

Emulating the classic ritual of using pure sunlight focused with a magnifying glass, The Trident’s Laser Beam delivers a butane-free experience by utilizing pure light energy. This innovative technology does not compromise the flavor of your flower.

Versatility in Use

‘The Trident’ is designed for loose-leaf material, but it also supports oil-infused blends at the highest temperature setting.

Customizable Temperature Settings

Whether it’s dry blends, denser mixes, or blends infused with oils, ‘The Trident’ offers three temperature settings to cater to your preferences.

With ‘The Trident’, enjoy the best of vaporizing and combustion effects in one sleek, high-tech package.

  • Low (red) is for dry blends | Medium (green) for denser blends | High (blue) blends infused with oils.


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Black, Rose Gold

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Vendor: Hitoki