Jumbie Art – LED Portals – 2023 Collection

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11×17″ Portals

Portals are the crown jewel of the Spectral Art Movement!

Featuring a patented design of 2″ black aluminum frame with built in LED lights.

These units are plug & play, require NO batteries, and come with a free smartphone APP that lets you control various light sequences, dimness and power.

Works great with 3D glasses



Our Matrix portals feature 2200 LED lights to create mosaics of color like you have never seen! The light patterns activate the artwork and animate the picture in what we call Spectral Art!

This is not a screen, the artwork is printed on the highest resolution material we could find giving the viewer the pleasure of enjoying every detail in the picture!

The portal comes with a free smart phone interface that links via the browser and allows you to interact with your art piece making this your personal interactive art installation!

Our frames and lights are custom made to order and assembled in the USA and crafting takes 8-10 business days to ship!

This is the canvas of the future! Each portal is made to order and crafted with attention and detail and can ship anywhere in the world!

Revolution through color!

Jumbie Art – LED Portals – 2023 Collection

Product Features

  • Featuring original artwork from visionary artist Jumbie
  • Custom LED lighting and programing
  • Printed on high resolution material that reveals every detail
  • Smart phone compatible user interface to interact with art piece
  • Crafted and assembled in the USA
  • World-wide shipping

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Air Goddess, Earth Goddess, Fire Goddess, Water Goddess, Ether Shaman, Chakras

Vendor Information

Vendor: Jumbie Art