PyraLight – Nasal Laser Cord

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Mitochondrial Support and Brain Energizer

  • Includes plug adapter to use nasal laser cord with PyraLight Pad

The 12v Nasal Laser directs 650nm red laser light directly into the brain, through the thin nasal sinus bone, and into the neocortex, cortex, and thalamus at the center of the brain. This is the Cave of Brahman, where the pineal rests in the ventricles.

The PyraLight nasal device 650nm red laser light directly charges the mitochondria in brain cells. The effect is energizing and very beneficial when done in bed, just before getting up in the morning.

  • For further explanation please refer to the PyraLight device description


Warrantee: 1 year warranty, returns are subject to 44% restock service fee. If any component fails during this time, please send an email to explaining the problem. You will need to pay for postage to Thailand, but repair and return postage will be fully covered by the warrantee.

Vendor Information

Vendor: hazebrands

Company: ROIzilla LLC