TAAT Original (10 packs)

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The big bold Original flavor wafts through your mouth like a boss. You know you’re in our house now. The Original TAAT has a similar taste to Marlboro Red, Winston and American Spirit Blue.


At TAAT™, we give tobacco smokers 21+ the choice to leave nicotine behind while keeping the experience they love. Made from our proprietary Beyond Tobacco™ blend, TAATs are American made and engineered to provide smokers with the same smoking experience they are familiar with; tobacco flavor, scent and ritual with zero nicotine and zero tobacco.

98% of our TAAT sticks are 100% organic hemp and water. The other 2% is a proprietary blend of 100% FDA-approved food-grade ingredients made to flavor our sticks in a way that mimics the tobacco smokes you crave.

Vendor Information

Vendor: TAAT