Smojo – Permanent Smoking Screen

Freedom from the hassle of smoking screens!

The asymmetric geometry of Smojo’s head creates dynamic openings that never permanently clog; never dropping out or getting lost. Highly effective at reducing the flow of ash through the bowl.

  • Made of surgical quality stainless steel

– Pop Smojo out using tweezers, paper clip, or needle nose pliers

-Clean it by holding with tweezers and heating with a lighter until it glows a “dull orange” color

1 unit = 144 Smojo units (MOQ) comes in singles or 3 packs


One Packs: Wholesale $357.12 ($2.48/unit) ; MSRP $712.80 ($4.95 per unit) 

Three Packs: Wholesale $861.12 ($3.98/per three-pack) ; MSRP $1,720.80 ($11.95 per three-pack)

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One-Packs, Three-Packs

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