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Bud Love is a unique Cocktail Mix for your Cannabis, providing a smoother more flavorful experience that 8/10 budtenders recommend!

Contains CBG & terpenes for a more relaxed, mellow and worry-free feeling in 8 fabulous flavors

Neutral – Pairs well with all strains

Active – Pairs well with Sativa strains

Inspired – Pairs well with Hybrid strains

Relaxed – Pairs well with Indica strains

Display Box Includes: (16) 1.5 Gram pouches ; MSRP: $6.99/pouch    MOQ: 2 Display Boxes

*All available in our single flavor versions (8 flavors, 2 of each)


Two Multipacks containing 4 of each of either the (4) Classic, or (4) Sweet flavors


MOQ: 2 Display Boxes

  • Sweet Flavors: Tobacco, Tropical Shipwreck, Blackberry Bhang, Apple Scout Cookies
  • Classic Flavors: Unflavored, Dutch Treat, Super Lemon Haze, Granddaddy Purple

Custom Buzz

Choose your effect and select a flavor. Then find the right Bud Love to cannabis ratio for your perfect buzz. We recommend starting with a 50:50 mix.

More Happy

Contains CBG & terpenes for a more relaxed, mellow and worry-free feeling.

Silky Smooth

Includes marshmallow leaf, an ancient medicinal herb, to soothe the throat and reduce coughing.

Save Bud

Add Bud Love, use less bud, keep the buzz. Make your precious flower go further.

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Multipack Classic, Multipack Sweet, Single Flavor (2 ea)

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