Dip Devices – Dipper Vaporizer | Dab Pen & Dab Straw

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2-in-1 Dab Pen and Dab Straw Dipper by Dip Devices is a unique and multi-functional torchless concentrate vaporizer for portable dabbing and vaping.

Dipper features a powerful 900 mAh battery.

The innovative Vapor Tip Atomizer is a convenient and simple way to dab without a rig and torch or any loading. The Quartz Crystal Atomizer allows the user to load the Dipper like a traditional pack-and-go dab pen but get a true dab rig hit.


Press button 5 times to turn on and 3 times to change between 3 heat settings for the perfect toke!

Auto shut off for safety

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Charcoal, Chrome, Ocean Blue, Rainbow

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Vendor: Dip Devices