OnGrok – Personal Air Filter | Replaceable Cartridge

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  • Paper Based & Ecofriendly
  • 6 Stage HEPA Filter, made of carbon & coconut 
  • CAPACITY : Replaceable filter cartridges : 500+ exhales each


OnGrok – Personal Air Filter | Replaceable Cartridge

[ Personal Air Filter with Replacement Filter Cartridges ]


The ONGROK Personal Air filter has a comfortable silicone mouthpiece, which makes for a comfortable experience and makes it easy to clean. The paper based, 6 Stage HEPA Filter, made of carbon derived from bamboo and coconut, traps, and eliminates smoke smells. The replaceable filter cartridges have a capacity of 500+ exhales each. The integrated hydrophobic screen prevents moisture buildup inside of the HEPA filter, improving filter life. The contouring of the ONGROK smoke filter’s housing allows it to be laid on its side, without rolling. The airflow will further extend filter life. 


[ 2 Pack of Replacement Filter Cartridges ]


The Replacement Filter Cartridges for the ONGROK Personal Air Filter are paper-based and eco-friendly. Each filter has an integrated hydrophobic screen, preventing moisture buildup, which keeps each filter lasting longer. Once the filter capacity is used up, swap it out by fitting the filter onto the bottom of the silicone mouthpiece. 

Vendor Information

Vendor: Ongrok