Xochipilli’s Apothecarium – Xochipilli’s Dance | Florida Water

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Florida Water has been used for over 200 years in Ceremony

  • 4 Oz spray bottle – Spray to cleanse ceremonial space, dwelling or objects. Not for Human consumption – contains no DMT, just botanicals.
  • Made in small batches with rare flowers collected from the owners property in Florida, as well as essential oils.
  • Each bottle contains stone chip beads of Labradorite, Tigers eye, Amethyst and Garnet, not only to aid in agitation but to infuse the spray with the magical properties of each stone for further protection.
  • MOQ = 10 4oz Bottles.

Xochipilli’s Dance Florida Water be used in your sacred plant medicine ceremony or everyday use to bless & protect your space

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Vendor: Xochipilli's Apothecarium