Wholesale Mushroom Products & Mycology Supplies: Cultures, Spores & Health

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Dive into the fascinating world of fungi with expertly curated Mushroom Products & Mycology Supplies – the premier wholesale category for specialty retailers, smokeshops, dispensaries, and alternative shops in 2023. Our collection features a wide range of products designed to help customers explore the incredible potential of mycology.

Stock up on essential mushroom spores and liquid mycelium cultures for those looking to conduct research or start their own cultivation journey. The highest quality grow bags and substrates provide the perfect foundation for a thriving fungi environment, ensuring optimal growth and yields.

Functional mushrooms offer a variety of health benefits, making them a valuable addition to any wellness regimen. Edibles and tinctures provide a delicious and convenient way for customers to incorporate these powerful fungi into their daily routines.

With a vast selection of cutting-edge products from top brands, Mushroom Products & Mycology Supplies cater to the growing interest in this captivating field. From cultivation to consumption, this category has everything needed to meet the demands of an increasingly mushroom-savvy customer base.

The mycology market is brimming with potential, and Haze is dedicated to bringing you brands that are making history and setting the bar high. We have a comprehensive selection that caters to both enthusiasts and novices alike. Our wholesale Mushroom Products & Mycology Supplies ensures your store stays stocked with the latest and greatest in the mushroom space.