Coast 2 Coast Mycology – Liquid Culture Refrigerated Display

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Coast 2 Coast Mycology’s Wholesale Liquid Culture Refrigerated Display holds either 48 or 96 units Artisan Mycelium Cultures for your Smoke Shop, Dispensary, or Alternative Retail Shop

48 Unit Option: 4 units of each 12 strains with 1.6 cu Ft. glass display mini fridge

96 Unit Option: 8 unites of each 12 strains with display mini fridge

Benefits of working with Cultures:

  • Faster colonization than spores: The organism is already developing and has live mycelium ready to grow from inoculation.
  • Inexpensive: This technique only uses a few household items, and cultures are cheap to produce.
  • Easy to keep sterile: Contamination risks are low as long as the workspace and equipment are clean.
  • Wide variety of Genetics to observe

Strains : Albino Avery | Albino Burma | Albino Louisiana | Cambodian | Costa Rican | Hillbilly | Jedi Mind Fuck | Leucistic Golden Teacher | Melmac | PE 7 | Trinity | Yeti

Storage: Keep refrigerated; 1 year life
Un-refridgerated; 2-3 month shelf life

MSRP: $30/Unit






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48 Unit + Glass Display Fridge, 96 Unit + Glass Display Fridge

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