Lord of Spore – Mushroom Spore Syringes | 20 Strains

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Lord of Spore Mushroom Spore Syringe Wholesale Case is premium quality, sold nationally, and highly reputable.

Don’t miss out on supplying the hottest trending product in the Alternatives space!

20 unit variety pack Psilocybe Cubensis in an attractive display


  • These spores will soon become one of your best sellers!

Strains: Arenal Volcano | B + | Blue Meanie | Nepal Chitwan | Costa Rican | Creeper | Ecuador | Fiji |

Golden Halo | Golden Teacher | Jedi Mind Fuck | Koh Sumai Super Strain | Lizard King |

Mazatapec | McKennaii | PE 6 | P.E.S.A  | PF Classic | Treasure Coast | Z Strain



Benefits of working with Spores:

  • Long shelf life: Syringes last approximately six months when stored in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.
  • Convenient: The product’s packaging makes it easy to transport and use.
  • Widely available: Choose from a large variety of global strains shipped in clean, sealed containers.
  • High inoculation success rate: Grows get off to a healthy start as manufacturers sterilize spore syringes, lowering the risk of contamination. Get predictable results and isolate genetics easily.
  • More genetic variability: These vessels contain thousands of spores, offering a diverse genetic range.


Incredible Spore varieties from around the world!

  • Lord Of Spore Mushroom Spores are strictly for religious, research, education, microscopy, and taxonomy purposes only.
  • Lord of Spore is not available in California, Georgia, or Idaho.
  • Lord of Spore has a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 10ml vile
  • 1 case = 20 units
  • MOQ is 20 units / 1 case

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Arenal Volcano, B Plus, Blue Meanie, Nepal Chitwan, Costa Rican, Creeper, Ecuador, Fiji, Golden Halo, Golden Teacher, Jedi Mind Fuck, Koh Sumai Super Strain, Lizard King, Mazatapec, McKennaii, PE 6, Pesa, PF Classic, Treasure Coast, Z Strain

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