Coast 2 Coast Mycology – Pink Oyster Mushroom Liquid Culture | 12ml Syringe

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Pink Oyster Mushroom Culture Syringes in a liquid medium grow well with ease, adding a woodsy flavor and sturdy texture to gourmet cooking.

Beautiful mushroom species like this can also be used as a living centerpiece, in a terrarium or display shelf to add a marvelous twist to traditional home decor. A conversation starter your guests will love, and it’s safe to have around children and pets.

Benefits of using a Culture medium:

  • Faster colonization: The organism is already developing and has live mycelium ready to grow from inoculation.
  • Inexpensive: This technique only uses a few household items, and cultures are cheap to produce.
  • Easy to keep sterile: Contamination risks are low as long as the workspace and equipment are clean.

Vendor Information

Vendor: Coast 2 Coast Mycology